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   Frequently Asked Questions

Do you recommend renting a car? Yes, we do. Renting a car gives you flexibility to travel on your own schedule. If you want to go out a lot, then the cost will break even with the cost of renting taxis after just a few trips.  However, if you plan to stay at the villa during most of your stay, then taxis might work for you.  Find a driver at the airport, get his name and rely on him during your vacation if you prefer not to rent a car.

Is there a grocery store near the villa? The main grocery stores are found on Leeward Highway, about 6-10 miles from the villa. However, there is a wonderful convenience store within the Caicos Oil building, CaicosMart, that is a delight during those times when you run out of something! It is within walking distance.

Are there any restaurants within walking distance of the villa? A new restaurant, Las Brisas, has opened directly across the street from Harbour Gates, the community in which Crystal Sands is located. Many of our guests have commented that the food is wonderful, the bar is well stocked and the people are friendly.

Can we rent kayaks? The same folks who run Las Brisas do rent kayaks, by the hour. Big Blue Unlimited will deliver kayaks for the week and then pick them up.

Can we rent a boat anywhere? Captain Bill of Ocean Outback rents his boat.

Should we rent a villa or go to a resort? Renting a villa has some wonderful advantages. Crystal Sands Villa simply has more space than most hotel rooms. For groups or families, the rental cost per person is typically less in a villa. Vacationers can do their own cooking more easily in a villa.  Villa rental does require a certain amount of self-sufficiency, however.  There is not a staff at the villa.  You must be comfortable in being able to care for someone else's home for the time you rent.  A resort may have activities, restaurants, spas or shops on site.  If you want these kinds of amenities, then a resort is for you.

How do I get to the villa from the airport?  The written directions are as follows:

  1. Exit the airport. Bear left onto Airport Road. Proceed ~ 1 mile.
  2. At the intersection of Airport Road and Leeward Highway, there is a new traffic circle. A sign says “Welcome to Providenciales.” Remember to go left around the traffic circle. If you begin at 6 o’clock, then the next turn you take will be at about 1 o’clock. Take the first, immediate left after the 1 o'clock location. This left turn is just after a small new building called “Chicken Chicken”.
  3. Proceed down the road until the next traffic circle.
  4. Turn right onto South Dock Rd. Proceed ~ 5 miles, until you see the gasoline storage tank facility on the left. You will pass the new Caicos Oil gas station, which is also a wonderful new convenience store!
  5. Take a right turn onto Chalk Sound Road opposite the storage tanks. Proceed < 1 mile.
  6. Take the second left into the Harbour Gates community. (The first left is actually still a dirt road.)
  7. Crystal Sands is the first villa on the right, a two story building on the beach! We do have a sign in the driveway!
  8. Click on the thumbnail image below to see a full sized image of the aerial directions.  Remember to click "back" to return to this page:

Aerial Directions to Crystal Sands Villa

Where is Sapodilla Bay in relation to other areas of the island? Sapodilla Bay is the southernmost beach on Providenciales. Grace Bay Beach, which houses the commercial activities of the island, is on the north side of the island, approximately 7 miles away.

Summary  Contacts for the vendors we have mentioned can be found in the Where When How magazine, which we will send you if you make your reservations early enough or which you can pick up at the PLS airport.

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"Dana & Scott have a great villa here and being 'on island' landlords makes a difference in having a top quality home. "  See more testimonials.